Equine Assisted Coaching &
Psychotherapy Certificate Program
The Icarus Model™

Want to learn how to help people through partnering with horses?

8 week program 3 hrs a week with shadow opportunities (Can also be done in 2 weekends)

In person or virtual trainings on a weekly basis and follow up for a year included in the reduced fee of $3,600

Learn how to build a successful coaching practice or equine assisted psychotherapy practice which is hot in today’s market.

Learn 30 successful interventions to use with horses and clients.

Jacqui has been developing The Icarus Model™ of equine assisted psychotherapy and coaching since 2014. She has refined and tested it out to form this final model. She will teach you 1:1 at her private facility in Gilbert, AZ, or she can teach you virtually if you have a Pivo (camera that follows the horse). Hands on training is important in this field as there are so many safety considerations you need to keep in mind. Jacqui has also been running a successful practice with a strong waitlist since 2016. Jacqui also has a certificate in equine behavior from the University of Denver so she can guide you through understanding your herd better. She is also a trained level 1 equine body worker through elementalacupressure.com. Two years of horse experience is required prior to entering the program to ensure you understand horses and can be safe around them at liberty. An initial screening call will be held prior to ensure you are a good fit and have enough horse sense. Most of the client work is done with horses at liberty as we believe horses have the right to choose their own path in life.


How is this program unlike the others on the market that people can do in one week?

The 80+ page Icaurs Model™ Manual is for sale individually

  • Learn The Icarus Model™ which is currently Trade Secreted
  • Learn to build a strong safe, effective program that doesn’t frustrate the horses
  • Learn to market yourself
  • Learn how to apply activities with certain clients
  • Learn how to work with diverse clients & how to document sessions
  • Attorney approved liability forms for you to use
  • Learn how to run successful groups that are always full
  • Learn each intervention with the horses & consultation for 1 year
  • Shadow opportunities for real life sessions
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home with your own horses
  • Learn how to interpret equine body language
  • Includes your own manual with the 30 horse activities illustrated with materials, overview, case examples and processing questions to use
  • The ability to renew at any time to learn the new activities
  • Learn the 5 personalities of horses and how to apply them to clients
  • Board members meet semi annually
  • See examples and video intro on our YouTube Channel

Book is for sale: $150 + shipping
Paper Manual: Click Here
e-Manual: Click Here

The 2 programs I attended to learn EAP in 2010 were pretty broad and taught in a large group setting. I wanted to offer a more intimate training where I could address the trainees concerns and questions while helping them understand the way of the horse. Jacqui is here for you for a year as you learn this new model of equine therapy/coaching! The Icarus Model™ is currently being researched for effectiveness through a post hoc study. The Icarus Model™ has been approved for many equine liability insurance plans across the US. Jacqui is also a board certified supervisor in the state of AZ.

Online Virtual Training on Autism Anxiety

Now offering a 75 minute training on how to work with Autistic & anxious clients!! I’ve spent most of my adult life specializing in Autism and I wanted to share some of my new interventions with other therapists, parents and care workers.

Online training video $50. Please contact us below for information and to process payment for the access code. Once you receive the access code from us, click the button below to start the training. Teacher 50% discount available.


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