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Client Testimonials

“Jacqui’s somatic yoga has helped me to be pain free for 3 weeks now and we have only had two 30 minute sessions! I’ve tried so many treatments for 10 years and this is the only treatment that has worked.”
“Parts work with yoga poses helped me to find out why I was sabotaging myself in a few sessions!”
“They really listen and my child isn’t just another client they really care!”
“My daughter has sensory integrative disorder and would only wear 2 outfits. After equine-assisted therapy she was wearing a broad wardrobe including gloves!”
"The Icarus Model changed my life!"
“Equine-assisted therapy allowed me to gain wonderful insight.”
"Jacqui thinks of everything us parents forget to teach our teens when it comes to adulting."
"My child is a successful adult that went away to college when we thought he never could. He couldn't have done it without Jacqui."
"You are my daughter's person. You healed her more than anyone else has been able to do."
"My child finally found calm."
"I no longer get panic attacks!"
"I found myself again and never felt so supported by a therapist."
“My anxiety was much more manageable after learning how to be fearless from working with the horses.”
“My son wouldn’t talk to any therapists but when he found equine-assisted therapy he agreed to attend and our relationship is improving."
"My child who has Autism has been able to make her first friends after attending equine-assisted therapy groups."
"Working with Jacqui and the animals has changed our life."
"You have changed my child's life. He can now function independently and has a chance at being a successful adult."
"Our child was admitted to the psychiatric hospital and Jacqui visited her with the therapy dog and walked us through the entire process. We were so fearful of the process and Jacqui was available to talk to us every day and calm our fears."
"I had always been fearful of therapy and went through so many therapists but when I found Jacqui and Kona I finally started to make some progress."
"Therapy is fun here. She even taught me how to paddle board."
"I had a crisis at 7pm and she offered to do a video session after hours to help me through it!"
"She is the first therapist who really seemed to care and I had been to a lot of them. She has brought me to new levels and now my anxiety is so much better!" "I believe she is personally invested which really makes a difference."
"We appreciate you more than you could possibly imagine."
"You never gave up when so many other professionals did."
"It's so weird that Jacqui is the only adult besides my mom I feel comfortable talking to she is so easy to talk to!"
"Jacqui not only taught us new parenting skills that worked, but she based them off our current parenting beliefs!"
"The Icarus Model was so well taught and one of the most thorough models of training I've attended in my 25 years in practice!"
"Her love and compassion for her clients amazes me."
* Please note these testimonials were given 5 years after the client discharged *


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