Community Resources

Empowerment Scholarship-Autism

Children who don’t fit into the traditional public school system may qualify for this scholarship to attend a private school. They also offer funds for other therapies/social activities. 

Support Groups

ASSIST & EVAN are support network for parents of Autistics. Meetings are held on a monthly basis in Mesa/Chandler throughout the school year. They have advocates and attorneys to consult with. 

The Arizona Autism Coalition

The Autisticats is an online community with resources written by three autistic adults: The Autisticats.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network


If your child has been diagnosed with Autism by a psychologist then you can register them for services through SEEK or SARRC. They have an array of services for children and adults.

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Barbara Ezrre, NMD, Desert Wellness Center, 480-361-5188, specializes in adults 

Dr. Xan Simonson, NMD, 480-584-3224, specializes in pain management including EDS


Provides low cost services for children with Autism, Dr. Stephen Gillen, Preferred Rehab, 480-633-3151

Dog Training Services

the crew


Skye Stables for Jacqui’s services
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